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Stephanie has a true gift for capturing a child's innocence and wonderment in her beautiful photos. She photographed our 3-month-old and I'm not sure which was better -- the photos or the sheer delight that Steph was able to elicit from my daughter. Steph was also able to capture what I was sure was the unattainable -- beautiful photos of our daughter AND puppy! Stephanie has a calm and patient demeanor, especially in working with the littlest ones, and has a sharp eye for capturing those terrific moments that happen in between the posed photos. We now have a very special collection of images to help capture this treasured time in our daughter's young life. 

Cheryl  |  Menlo Park, CA


Stephanie is quite a talent! She has an amazing way of capturing the absolute personality of our little baby, and now we have these beautiful photos forever!  All of my friends and family were amazed by how our 3-month-old was looking straight at the camera for almost every shot.  I think it's because she is a doll, and babies just love her smile! We love her and already have her booked for a future baby shoot!


Jodi  |  San Francisco, CA


One word- PHENOMENAL!!!! In walks Stephanie, boundless positive energy and a huge smile ready to go with her suitcases of creative gear, ready to tackle anything thrown her way! We threw a 2-month-old baby, a 5.5-year-old, and two very tired parents at her. She didn't flinch! Instead, she rounded us up for the most relaxed, natural, fun pictures EVER! It was like we had known each other our whole lives!


Within a very short time at our home, we had a ton of pics, poses, all the right fixings for a delicious shoot! Within a very short time after that, and this part I was super impressed by... she returned the most GORGEOUS pics imaginable with precision editing (yes I am biased, but the compliments we have received on them I have never heard from any of our friends and family before!). I was tearing up laughing from some of our funny ones and my heart was just filled by how she captured us. She connected with us all immediately and it was certainly reflected in every single shot! 


I already booked her for the holidays and I encourage everyone to book early because she's gonna be hard to schedule because everyone loves HER AND her work! She is just a rare talent and I feel soooooo lucky to have been connected to her to help us capture our family memories.


Thanks, Stephanie!!!! xoxoxox


Melissa  |  San Jose, CA


I have been on many photoshoots with celebrity photographers in my 30 years of working in magazine publishing. My most recent photoshoot working with Stephanie Grace Lim on the Target fashion piece for Btweens was a career highlight. Stephanie's attitude, vibe, direction, and artistry inspired our tween girls to have fun and follow her direction with ease.


Stephanie is magical behind the camera and her personality shines. After the first few shots, I knew to let go and let her do her thing!


Always spontaneous, Stephanie's dynamic staging of each photo revealed the inner personalities of each of our adorable girls and showcased the fashion essence of every cute outfit.


I love Stephanie's style of work, and can't wait till the next shoot. The outcome of the Target winter fashion shoot, "B" on Target for All Occasions "blew me away!"


Valerie Foster  |  Publisher and Co-Founder of Btweens: The e-Zine for tweenage girls

We recently had a family photoshoot with Stephanie, and we are beyond thrilled with how the pictures came out. Stephanie's artistic talent is incredible -- her photos look like art and like magazine ads. I love how she was able to capture our kids' personalities and natural smiles. What makes Stephanie so special is her amazing ability to connect with people and make everyone feel so comfortable. We all had so much fun, and Steph made each one of our 3 kids feel like a star. My oldest son, who normally hates having his picture taken, actually loved the photoshoot and had fun doing different poses! Every parent is able to see how beautiful their kids are, but it's not always easy to capture in pictures. But leave it to Steph, and she will capture your kids looking natural, beautiful, energetic, and happy.


Janet  |  Fremont, CA



My son had a blast with Stephanie! She's joyful to be around, and her enthusiasm is contagious. She encourages kids to be themselves, and she manages to capture their playfulness on film. What a gift! Stephanie's photo style is an extension of herself -- creative, exuberant, gorgeous.


Cindy  |  Campbell, CA



Once again Stephanie has "wowed" us with photos from our shoot last weekend. Keeping 4 kids focused, engaged, and smiling isn't too easy for 2 hours.  But Stephanie's fun and upbeat personality keep the kids' energy up.  The photos have turned out amazing.  I'd highly recommend her to anyone looking for some fresh and fun kids or pregnancy photos.


Shane  |  San Mateo, CA



Stephanie is an amazing photographer and a super nice person! We had family photos taken with our four-month-old daughter and Stephanie was so patient with her especially when she was starting to get fussy and needed a nap. We felt so comfortable with her and the pictures are so beautiful! We received so many compliments on them. We will definitely be using Stephanie as our photographer for future family photos.


Marcia  |  San Jose, CA



We certainly recommend Stephanie Grace Lim for her work and we already spread her good name among our family and friends - when they saw my son's photos taken by her they all ask for that! She is such a pleasant person to work with - creative, amiable, reliable, and best of all, she is good at grasping the cutest moment of babies, of course, every moment is cute, but she captured the sparkles in their eyes. She has her own way to communicate with babies, my son (then 10 months old) definitely had a great time with her, so did I, and my family.  I would definitely trust her for another photo-shooting when my son reaches his next milestone.


Catherine  |  Mountain View, CA



Ever since Stephanie started her business, my wife's been itching to get her to have a photoshoot with us. With a brand new baby, it just took a while before we thought our baby was ready for the shoot. Waiting, waiting, waiting, just for the right time.


Well, the time finally came, and it happened to be on my older son's birthday, and on Easter. The weather cooperated, and the place we chose was beautiful.


From beginning to end, Stephanie was most outstanding. My wife sent messages with her back and forth to make sure we were ready for the shoot, and Stephanie was all smiles from the moment we met her for the shoot till the very end. I don't know how anyone can be in such a good mood all of the time, but she pulls it off and infects everyone around her.


We had a fantastic time taking the photos and I believe she went over and beyond her call in making sure we took plenty of pictures with all variety of poses even beyond my wife's satisfaction :)


The pictures turned out gorgeous and she selected the best of's and let her excellent photoshop skills to work to make them even better.


We couldn't have asked for a better experience and we are so pleased with not only the end but the means. Thanks, Steph!


Frank  |  Campbell, CA



I know Stephanie from her work as an awesome artist. After I saw her photos I was totally impressed. Stephanie has her very own unique style, I love how she put her passion, love, and energy into every photo she took, it's just amazing. We had a session with my 2-yr old last month, the outcome was simply great, everyone in the family enjoyed the session and my son had fun while mimicking Steph to take pictures. Steph is also very patient with the kids, and believe me, working with a 2-yr old is quite some work! :)  I highly recommend Stephanie Lim and we will engage with her again in the future.


Rebecca  |  Mountain View, CA



Steph is the best.  Her work was absolutely amazing and her service was excellent. We've had nothing but compliments on our baby EJ's pictures.  It was worth every penny. We HIGHLY recommend her!


Veronica  |  San Jose, CA



This was more like a fun family outing than a photoshoot. Steph told us to just "play" for a couple of hours, and she was right in there with our girls, encouraging their budding runway skills and silly sideshows. The images she captured do such a wonderful job of describing our girls, and the way our family looks and feels right now. We could not be happier. There are so many lovely moments among Steph's photos, and it makes us happy to look at them. Thank you, Steph!


Kathy  |  Union City, CA



I was so happy with the beautiful photos Stephanie took of my family - including my 4-year-old and 5-month-old boys.


The only other time I had photos this nice was for my wedding. Those photos, by a different photographer, were very artistic but also somewhat posed and stiff. Stephanie's photos are artistic and also refreshingly natural. She captures the moment the way a photojournalist would: candid, full of real emotion, and filled with "Awwwww."


Stephanie has a positive, happy personality that works great with kids. At first, my 4-year-old was shy when he met her, but it wasn't long before he was running around and being himself. He was even mugging for the camera, which he never does when I try to take photos!


The grandparents love our baby photos, and I will always cherish having photos so beautifully done. You just can't get shots of your baby in natural light and in a natural setting at the mall. Stephanie has a great eye for what will turn out great.


Gary  |  Campbell, CA



Stephanie is such a talented photographer and very creative! We used her to do our son's 1-year-old pictures and even though our son was super fussy that day, somehow she was able to get a lot of pictures with him looking at the camera and even smiling!! We were so impressed and amazed at how she was able to capture that ONE second where he was looking at the camera or that ONE second when we had him standing on his own without a hand supporting him. 


She was very patient with him, especially when he needed to be fed, and she took a lot of time with us!  We never felt rushed or she never appeared to be frustrated when our baby wasn't cooperating (which was like 50% of the time!) and she definitely has a great personality that would appeal to babies! 


Stephanie was also quick when it came to getting the pictures back to us. She edited a few pictures that same day we had our photoshoot and sent it to us that night just so we could get a sneak peek of how the pictures turned out which I totally appreciated.  


We definitely plan to use her for more family pictures in the future and I would recommend her to anyone!!! 


Joy  |  Union City, CA



I've worked with Stephanie when she was at the San Jose Mercury News, so I know how talented she is. Her photos and illustrations have garnered numerous awards and attention across the globe. She is a darling among artists and photographers. Yet, she never rests on her laurels. She approached the photoshoot of my two-year-old with the same vigor and excitement as something she would do for Life magazine. Her bubbly nature and zen-like patience allow her to bring out the best from kids including my own daughter, who is not always photogenic. 


So, if you want photos that are more special than boring studio shots from Sears, but you cannot hire Anne Geddes or Annie Leibovitz, Stephanie Grace Lim is the next best thing.


Pai  |  Sunnyvale, CA



Stephanie is the most talented person and photographer I know. Every picture she has ever taken shows her skill, creativity, and heart. I would highly recommend her for any portrait or any event.


Amy  |  Santa Clara, CA



Stephanie took photographs at my wedding recently and they turned out absolutely amazing. She's just brilliant both behind and in front of the camera, and her attitude is always positive and fun-loving. It was such a joy to work with her, I hope we will have many more opportunities for her to capture our lives.


Alicia  |  San Francisco, CA

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